Malvina´s War

In this date of April 2 we always remember to Malvinas and this cause that will not end until our flag flapping in there again.
In this process, a mix of pain and patriotism, we begin with insult and hate the Chileans and the English people. It´s not good.


I do not know, but I have Chilean and English friends and I do not want to offend with things that they had nothing to do. Only governments armed themselves this mess and I do not want to befilled with hatred against ordinary people for this fact. All this does not mean that I don´t have clear ideas on the theme Malvinas, but we must separate, something I’ve seen that few can do.
Example, I’ve heard more than one argentinian to say the Chileans this, that Chileans this other, but they will buy things to Chile or to spend the summer without any problem. So? Don´t must to hate or offend free, you can defend the ideals without making a “mini-war” with our words and actions. I can assure you that insult in forums is useless.

Flag-Pins-Argentina-EnglandConclusion, No must to hate to other countries because the wars begin for hate and nobody wants more wars and death. Let us honor our fallen and those on the other side as well, trying to understand their motives, forgiving and moving on.


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